I usually just buy whatever “body wash” is on sale.  Though I do find myself standing in the soap aisle wondering if what I am buying is the best wash for me.  I say “wash” because bar soap doesn’t exist outside of hotels and prisons.

Now the worst part is that when I go to buy a the wash that suits my interests (rock climbing, partying, hard labor) I have to purchase one of those loofahs.  When purchasing a loofah I try to find the one that has the manliest color.  Right now I own a red one.  The only other color I could see myself purchasing is black or a sports based one.  Though I ask myself, if there are sports loofahs, would I purchase a team that I hate or love?  Wouldn’t it be a real slap in the face to A-Rod if I was rubbing a Yankees #13 loofah all over my junk and ass.  So, sports team loofah… Team you love or team you hate?  Comment below.


team he hates

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