I think I mentioned this yesterday but I just wanted to reestablish that “The Brewery” is now updated on Wednesday night, so after you watch Hells Kitchen you can turn your phone or PC back on and enjoy a great beer related comic.

I’m going to assume that “Shiver Me Burgers” only has one toilet, so I don’t know what Myles is trying to pull here.  Plus jamming someones head into a toilet is so High School.  This goon should really be water boarding Bryan by now.  I’ve been watching “Boardwalk Empire” and I must say that the early 20’s must have been the height of goondome other then when “Boss” Tweed was in charge over at Tammany Hall in the mid-1800s.   During those times there were so many corrupt officials and bosses that needed someone to do their bidding that a full time goon was easily finding dirty work.  Ah the good old days.

Myles gets a compliment tomorrow.  Check it out.


hmmm… henchman or goon