Ribwich… McRib…

Whatever you call it, it’s fucking delicious.  The Big Mac will always be the best (at McDonalds… all the fast food places got their own awesome item), but the McRib is fantastic.  The thing about the McRib is that I think it is only fantastic because it was something that we had easy access too and then it was taking away from us like candy from a baby.  Now we have been craving it whenever we could get our grubby paws on it.  I was in Germany in 07 and we wandered into McDonalds (because apparently BK had too much meat — inside joke) and we all saw that they had the McRib.  We all got it and it was just as good as one would remember.  We sat there with tangy BBQ sauce all over our fingers wondering why the Germans had it and we didn’t?  What the fuck do they know about BBQ?  We were also wondering if you had to pay to use the bathroom… it was all very confusing.

Anyway we wrote some strips about the McRib’s return and we thought you would all enjoy them.  Eat up, because these strips will only be available for a limited time, and then archived forever.



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