New Brewery today.  It’s about how to get started with your Miller High Life sponsorship, so get over there and check it out.  Jim also talks about the Beer Expo we went to over this past weekend and gives some shout outs.

Datson.  If  you haven’t check out any of the “Watson” Jeopardy videos, the swirly bottle cap is our representation of what they showed on those previewsas Watson’s head or face or whatever body part they think they needed to represent in order to make a computer more… friendly.  Machines are cold and calculated because that is their very nature.  If they weren’t like that than they probably wouldn’t be much of a use to us.  In this case I think the machine needs a face… some semblance of humanity in order for us to tune in and not completely despise the mass of circuits and wires that might wipe the floor with some of our smartest humans.