My week is moving along at a nice pace.  Once I get through Wednesday though, it will be a lot better.  My Tuesday morning has been shit, which is killing my mojo.

I’ve never eaten out of a dumpster.  I’ve pulled something out of my own trash if it was still on top and I regretted throwing it out after a window of maybe 10 mins at most.  Other than that the only things I’ve picked out of trash is furniture and Jim.  I say Jim because one night Myles, Jim and I went to the Beer Garden in Jersey City and then went back to Hoboken.  Jim was tired, but Myles and I required more booze, so we placed him in a trash bin and continued on drinking.  When we returned to get Jim all of the trains were gone and two cops told Myles and I to move along, but we needed to get Jim.  I distracted the cops with clever banter while Myles grabbed Jim.  The cops laughed and we left unharmed.

Good times with Jim, Myles, and Phil.  That should be a sitcom.