Today’s babe-licious strip was crafted by the incomparable Paul Salvi.  If there were ever an artist where my obsessions bordered on creepy, it would be for the work of Paul.  Paul is the visuals behind the always sexy, and sometimes crazy Living with Insanity (Tuesday and Thursday) and also the artist for the incredibly accurate depiction of restaurant life, the Line (Mondays).  So definitely add those strips to your weekly repertoire.  And definitely leave Paul a comment about how awesome he is… and tell him Jim says “hi”.



Today’s guest blog comes from Myles.  I never thought he would do it, but he did.  We are just happy he didn’t copy dave’s and just write over the name on top.


Hello everyone! Thanks for reading my best friend’s comic strip, I love it and hope you do as well. I have been looking forward to guest strip week since last years guest strips.  I really enjoy and appreciate other artists take on Happy Hour. I think I flaked on last years guest blog cause I’m basically the biggest procrastinator in the history of Earth.  So, I’m here now to make up for it.

I would like to give thanks and praise to all the other guest bloggers except for Dave (not dave) who generally annoys the crap out of me on a regular basis with his comments. No thanks to Bryan either, because he is just an idiot. I guess Matt’s blog just made me feel uncomfortable, so, thanks for that Matt…….dick. Miguel your blog made me lol because you just insulted Jim and Phil the whole time, way to go.

Anywho, as Phil’s blog on the new brewery strip says I am in Philly for Beer Week, which has been fun and informative and full of ridiculous amounts of delicious beer so far. Yesterday a gentleman gave me and some other people a history of all the breweries that have ever been in Phllly. At one point there were 97 breweries in Philly!! That’s insane! There were 12 breweries in 4 square blocks that was nicknamed Brewery-Town. Obviously this was before prohibition (silly bastards!). There was a brewery that was open for 164 years… I forget the name, but since then only Yuengling has been open longer. The bar where this was held was called Cooperage and it had a great beer list and phenomenal food. They had an abbey dubbel made by Sierra Nevada Brewery (i didnt even know they made a dubbel) and I had a dish with pork and sour cherries (amazing!!!!) and French onion soup with tripe (Phil, you woulda loved this). The one thing that I did not like about this bar was the fact that instead of the normal bathroom signs of a male or female stick figure or a M for men and W for women or even something funny like a mustache for guys and a bikini for girls they had WC on the bathroom doors. WTF! The last time I checked we had a revolution and broke away from those limey bastards! It’s NOT a WATER CLOSET it’s a fucking bathroom!  So there’s that.

As a bartender and a purveyor of bars I hate it when people complain that their beer or drink got taken from them by a busboy.  They’re not gonna take a full drink (that would defeat the purpose of giving them to you) and if you can’t keep an eye on your drink for more than 2 minutes, then that’s too freakin bad!! I always have at least one eye on my drink, you think I wanna get ruffied? I don’t wanna become some desperate chicks plaything. Also if it’s your birthday don’t go up to the bartender and announce it!!! Do I have a sign on my chest that says “if its your birthday tell me and I’ll actually give a flying fuck”? The answer to that question is the same as the answer to “Do I get a free birthday shot?”  NO you fucking don’t!  Its someone’s birthday every day, why do you deserve something for free?!?! BEAT IT! As a bartender I have had these things happen to me many times and it never ceases to be annoying, but they are still annoying as a patron watching them happen to another bartender. So, for the love of jeebus people please just be cool.

One last cool thing before I go, I saw an old beer ad that had a picture of a six pack of cans that said “More than just a six object!” thought of summer of cans when I read it.

Consider yourselves spackled!!! (aha only me, Jim and Phil get it)





Well, that’s all we have for you readers this week.  I am sorry we had to push the Guest Week back, but everything is up and running now, and I hope all you Regulars loved (what I consider) our BEST GUEST WEEK EVER!  A big thank you to all the readers, and to the Guest artists – Andre, David, Justin, Chris and Paul.

I hope you all have a great weekend.  I hope everyone learned about some other incredible work that is out there.  Thanks Again!