Crazy 8s

Beer review Monday will begin shortly.  I just wanted to touch on that psycho who had the eight kids, but who already had six.  What is wrong with this person?  Seriously without getting into it too much, the fact that she plans on going back to AND finishing school is pretty ambitious, especially because that’s so easy with 14 fucking kids to care for.  My friend Myles has zero kids and he can barely accomplish going back to and finishing school.  Also if she gets anything out of this, like a TV show, a book, a free meal at Arby’s… anything I will flip.  She deserves nothing.  Apparently she is also unhappy about being called selfish, I mean, it’s not like having 14 kids in order to satisfy one’s own complete lack of self-esteem is selfish or the fact that the children could have multiple health and learning problems that can sometimes accompany extreme multiple births, but she went ahead with it anyway because she felt lost and predictable as a child.  No, no that’s not selfish, c’mon, dude, it’s cool, she “knew the risk”, she “took the chance”.  What a nut.  Just another leech sucking the life blood out of this already depleted body we call an economy.

Enough about another one of societies rejects.  It’s time to talk about something important… BEER!  My good friend Eric suggested a Canadian beer, so I went ahead and got some Molson Canadian.  Honestly it doesn’t get much more Canadian than that. Molson Canadian is decent lager. It goes great with a game of hockey, whether you’re watching it or playing it. The low down on Molson is that it’s really never skunky, it’s refreshing and it’s priced to move. Also you get these fun “Would You Prefer” questions on the label, which will cause much debate and hopefully lead to some excitement in your seemingly dull life. Oh, just be sure to pour some out for your homie “The Rocket”.

My diagnosis: Not my favorite Canadian Lager, but its smooth refreshing taste will have me purchasing more in the future… at least during hockey season.

This week some people might get into the ball. It all just depends if Phil ever lets anyone in or just stands there all week making snide remarks. Enjoy.