Shark Week…

As most of you know, I like Sharks.  I find the species and their history to be very interesting.  I got a hammerhead tattooed on my back and I changed the name of the brewery in Happy Hour and The Brewery to Hammerhead from Head.  You would figure that Shark Week would be right up my alley, but I really can’t watch it anymore.

Shark Week has evolved from shows about sharks to shows about sharks and how they may eat people or shows about people that have been attacked by sharks or shows about people that are currently being eaten by sharks or show about pets that have been attacked by sharks.  It’s really annoying.  Almost every show is trying to look at why sharks attack.  Well, for starters you are splashing around in their home… you know, the OCEAN, that’s where they live.  If you started kicking dirt in a bear’s den and it ripped your face off would we be studying why the bear did that… probably, but I think it would be pretty obvious.  People attack other people for entering their personal space all the time and their is no week devoted to that.

Discovery channel, everyone likes blood and drama, but I think that one or two sharks attacking people shows are enough and if I have to see anymore of Les Stroud I’m going to throw myself in the shark tank at Mandalay Bay in Vegas.  Wait then those bastards are going to make a show about it.  Damn you Discovery Channel, you’ve thought of everything.