Hello Regulars!  First off, let me say thank you for visiting the site on today August 17th 2011.  For those of you keeping track, or who know me personally, you recognize this as my 10,950th Day of Life (roughly mathematicians, I didn’t account for any leap years) or the easier 30th Year of Life.  3 decades fly by when you’re having fun.

ANYWAY, on to more important matters, comics!  On Monday Myles had asked if I drew The Evil Dead cabin from memory, and as much as I appreciate that anyone thinks I am capable of such a feat, the truth is I have been taking various screen shots from The Evil Dead to go along with the story.  As much as I love working on the backgrounds for Happy Hour, I felt that these strips needed a little something extra behind them to really give them that “horror” feel.

I will be honest with you, when we first started writing these Wally strips back at strip 1251, I never fathomed we’d have Wally live the journey of Ashley Williams in his final act.  I had pictured a Western where Wally was either waiting to be hanged, or a gunshot wound that put him in a heap beside a blood splattered saloon.  But those strips never seemed to take shape.  The Evil Dead strips however, did.

Have a great day!  JOIN US here tomorrow.