Head pain…

I’ve got an annoying headache today.  It sucks and it is making my feel sleepy.  Ok, maybe it’s the lack of sleep that is making me sleepy.  Either way I am not happy at the moment.  I know two other guys that aren’t happy and they in that strip above.  Fighting your way through hell is no fun on a weeknight so these guys are going to feel like me in a couple of hours.

Speaking of wearing out.  I’ve always liked the option of wearing your new shoes out of the store after you purchase them.  It’s the instant gratification that I can get behind.  I mean I just purchased new shoes, of course I’d like to wear them now and let the whole world see my awesome purchase that I couldn’t be more proud of.  Maybe that was a little too exuberant, but you get my gist.


it’s not a tumor