One liners!

In case you missed it yesterday’s strip had an action movie type one liner in it.  I love 80’s and 90’s action movies.  Anything with Schwarzengger or Stallone could keep me entertained for hours on end.  With one liners like “Stick Around” after pinning a rebel to a tree with a knife in Predator or “Consider that a divorce” after shooting Sharon Stone in Total Recall, which is being updated (with Colin Farell) and I couldn’t be more excited for as long as it keeps that R rating, seriously watch Total Recall again, it’s amazingly violent.  Also let’s not forget “Remember Sully when I told you I’d kill you last? I lied” or any number of the great ones from that movie, Commando, or The Running Man.  If you got any awesome one liners that you love post them below and Jim will be happy that you commented.

Kevin and Jason continue their battles against the Hell spawn and tomorrow they think they’ve made except they forgot about one important