552 – St. Marty’s Day

Unlike most typical web comic guys Jim and I are not nerds… well Jim’s kind of a nerd, but with some help he has made great strides over the past few years.  What am I getting at here?  Well yesterday, one of my heroes accomplished something great.  If you haven’t already heard, Marty Brodeur over took Patrick Roy’s all time NHL wins record.  It is a great achievement in an already storied career.

I’ve been a Devils fan ever since I can remember being able to remember watching hockey.  I recall listening to the 1995 cup final on the radio, as for some reason or another we couldn’t get the game on TV out on Long Island.  The day after they won my mom called several Modells to see if they had Championship hats, like they were as coveted as the Sega CD was a year earlier.  You would think that I would have grown up an Islanders fan, but by the late 80s they were quickly beginning their descent from Dynasty to nobody.  The rivalry between the Devils and Rangers was beginning to heat up and it seemed only fitting that I would root for the team that was in direct competition with the one my brother loved.  In 2000 I was only living in New Jersey for 1 month when Brodeur and the Devils won the cup again.  Then in 2003 I actually got tickets to a Finals game.  Now I am a season ticket holder and I go to all of the games.

Brodeur has been my number 1 sports hero for a long time.  I’ve been known to make such statements as, “Your attraction to Martin Brodeur in no way affects your sexual orientation.”  It is great to watch an athlete go from beginning to end and achieve so many accomplishments.  Especially when they do it with the same team.

Let’s all give Marty a round of applause and I am now looking forward to the playoffs and what will hopefully become another championship. My hero is Martin Brodeur… who’s your hero?

Enjoying our little St. Patty’s Day twist?  We are hanging out with the Scots all week.