If it doesn’t rain…

I say that a lot.  Oh if it doesn’t rain this weekend I am going to do this or that.  It’s udder bullshit.  There is always a good chance that I am not going to do anything, but sit on my ass and watch crappy Saturday TV while drinking can after can of bud light.
Seriously, I need some help.  I really have to stop saying this.  I think I am jinxing myself.  Here is a list of things that I claim that I will do “if it doesn’t rain”
-Go for a walk
-Go for a run
-Go to the city
-Go to Hoboken
Rob a bank
-Play hockey
-Clean out my car
-Doing anything athletic
-Fly a kite
Sometimes I like to say it when the things involved have nothing to do with rain.
-Clean my room
-Do Laundry
-Go to the mall
-Organize my life
-Go to the firing range
Basically what it boils down to is that I am lazy, I like excuses, and I really need to change my ways.  If anyone wants to invite me to play team sports or go for a walk please give me your email address.  I will totally be down for anything, if it doesn’t rain.

He was born that way Chris!  Show some tact, pal.