Bumper Stickers

Bumper stickers are a bad idea.  Some bumper stickers are funny, but people usually don’t get funny ones, they usually get the politically charged ones or sports teams.

The politically themed ones are stupid.  Great, you voted for Clinton in 1996.  Way to go!  I mean, a car is a long term investment and believe it or not, things have a tendency to change (Sorry Bryan, your Flock of Seagulls bumper sticker is no longer cool… well, it was never cool).  Unless you plan on getting rid of your car immediately after an election and you do this every 4 years, then I guess it’s slightly more acceptable.  But seriously, if you do that with your car, then you’re an idiot.

As for sports bumper stickers, they can tell you a lot about the person driving that car.  Here are some examples:

Flyers: This person is a douche bag

NY Rangers: This person enjoys losing, and they’re most likely a homosexual

NY Islanders: Probably bought the car used and the sticker was already on there

NJ Devils: Someone I would call a friend.  They are most likely very intelligent and they enjoy winning.

Mets: This person enjoys fair play and rooting for the underdog

Yankees: This person likes to cheat, waste money, and they’re Italian

Phillies: (See Fylers)

Basketball (any): This person is boring.  Much like the sport.  I also couldn’t care less about them… again much like the sport.

Giants: Italian

Jets: (See Mets)

Eagles: (See Flyers)

Rainbow: (See Rangers)

Those are just some of the teams in my area.  If you see others by you, then post your feelings about the person in the car below in the comments section.

I hope you all enjoyed this Scottish themed St. Patty’s Day week.  Next week we got brand new strips (as we always do) and after reading them you might hate us for bringing it up.