Wrestlemania is this weekend and as a kid growing up in the 80s, the WWF was tough to avoid. Two manly guys with long hair and rock star attitudes beating the crap out of each other in front of tens of thousands of fans, seemed like a good career choice. But as I got older I soon came to the realization that it was never going to happen and in a way it was okay, because the WWF that I grew up with had also changed.

I don’t watch a lot of wrestling now-a-days… I mean sometimes I catch it on Monday nights after “24”, but I don’t watch it enough to follow storylines. When I do watch it, I find that the stories are way too complex. Back in the 80s and 90s stories were simple. The guys fought because they either hated each other or occasionally because they respected one another. The hate usually came from nowhere. You hated him because he was different from you. He had funny shoes, funny customs, a funny accent, or was from China or the Middle East. Back then those were all valid reasons to hate someone. Today’s wrestler deals with hatred that is much more complex. I hate you because you beat up my brother, you hit my wife, you stole my girlfriend. Why can’t they just hate because they hate?

What has happened over the years is that wrestling, much like everything else in the world, has succumbed to everything being toned back. In today’s world it’s wrong to hate someone just to hate them for whatever the reason, small or big. No one questioned you… you just hated them. You considered the individual a rival. For example, I am a Mets fan and I hate the Yankees. Why? Well because they’re the Yankees. That’s it. What they do really has no affect on the Mets and the overall outcome of their season unless it is the few interleague games or the World Series. A Yankee didn’t hit my wife or steal my hat… I basically just hate them to hate.

I miss the old WWF. I miss hating just to hate.

As usual Happy Hour is back all next week. Find out how it all ends as we wrap up, “A Dave Mistake”. Enjoy the weekend.