March Madness?

Goes on well past March apparently. How can you call something March Madness if only half of it takes place in March? Also how is it that they are not playing a game everyday? There’s no hitting and it’s only 2 halves. I don’t know and I don’t really like basketball, so I guess I am bias. I hear the sweet sixteen is the best round of the tournament and it takes place in March, so I am going to have to agree.

I am having a hard time with this tonight. I can’t type straight for some reason. I don’t think I had a lot to drink… maybe I did. That’s probably a problem… drinking a lot and not realizing it. I am going to take it easy before I or someone I know gets hurt.

The Dave Mistake continues all week. We like to make Dave out to be a bit creepy and occasionally desperate. (See Contest of Doom 4 and 5, The Brewery Strikes Back Finale 2, and Pulp Filet of Fiction 4). These characteristics are not ones that the real Dave possesses… Also it’s “real” Dave’s birthday today, so I have to be nice… just kidding. Happy Bday buddy.