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I found it!

Hey Regulars!  Wait a minute?! Did these guys just do a whole month of Callbacks last July?  Well played good reader… but that was situational callbacks, this is character call backs… I swear, it’s a whole different thing. 

Anyway, we are almost at our prestigious 1500th strip.  I swear, I never thought we’d make it this far.  We’ve had some crazy crap happen in 1500 strips.  It’s exciting to remember some of the characters we’ve encountered.  Today’s character happens to be one of my personal favorites.  Not sure who he is?  Well… keep reading-

Wally, for those of you not in the know, was a bartender in Little Las Vegas, or L’il Las Vegas as I like to say.  His life spiraled out of control after he was fired for serving a minor.  The minor he served happened to be everyone’s favorite burger flipper Myles.  Once Wally’s wife left him and took his kids Wally started to have visions.  These visions told him he needed to kill Myles.

When we met back up with Wally he had found his way to our quaint little town of Covenant Cove after acquiring a special axe for killing Myles with.  When Wally hunted down Myles’ place of employment, Shiver Me Burgers, Wally was told that Myles had been kidnapped by the proprietors of the Taco joint across the street and smuggled into Mexico.  In reality… Myles was drugged and swimming around in the dumpster behind Shiver Me Burgers. 

So… Wally cleaned up, dropped his grudge, and went for a relaxing weekend away with his new girl.  But then evil came and took her.  The evil didn’t stop there, it got into Wally’s hand and he had to lop it off at the wrist.  Wally was then sucked into a portal and fought an army of the dead through time.

When we last saw Wally he had gotten his job back at that bar in L’il Las Vegas, and was doing better than ever.  Or so it seems…

I think I might write a new Wally story for the summer.  I just don’t think I’m done telling his story yet.