The Easy Way…

Last night escalated quickly, but I hate seeing this page blank, so I got something for you. If you notice we are quickly approaching strip #800 which is very exciting for us. Not as exciting as say 999 or 1000, but still it will be a very nice accomplishment. As much as I enjoy writing this blog, I rarely focus on the comic in my write ups. Normally that tireless job is left up to Jim, but I just wanted to touch on it real quick and then let everyone get back to their Friday’s and weekend.

Jim and I write in, what some would consider, a chaotic manner. We start with maybe 2 or 3 strips and then over the course of a week or two we try to develop it into a storyline. It usually turns out that we “scramble”, for lack of a better term since we are both good writers and rarely find it hard to finish an arc, to finish out the week. This method of writing works for us. Would it work for you? I got no idea, but some of our best work has been accomplished at the zero hour at our local coffee houses and bars, not in the office.

Next week the “Brine Flu” gets hostile, so be sure to come back and check it out. Also if you see us handing out stickers come over and say hi (especially the pretty ones). We will be more than happy to talk to you about anything… seriously, we probably just spent the last 4 hours talking to each other about the comic, so even though we might be a little drunk, it would be a breathe of fresh air.