Shiver Me Burgers…

Every once in a while I think about Happy Hour, and how some of my favorite strips involved Bryan and Myles.  Over the last week and a half we have had a storyline with Bryan and Myles dealing with the Brine Flu.  Obviously the Brine Flu is a phonetic reference to Swine Flu which has been sweeping the nation.  If you hadn’t heard the first person in New York City died of Swine Flu on Sunday, he brings our county’s death total to 6, or roughly a 0.000000019th of our ever growing population.  It’s possible that he was a Happy Hour reader, and never found the Brine Flu story all that funny… well, lucky for him, he’ll never have to read the conclusion to the Brine Flu arc which will be posted on Friday.

Anyway, I love writing for Bryan and Myles because they seem to exist in their own world outside of the Tripper’s bar flies.  I don’t know that the Brine flu has had any affect on Jim and the rest of the crew.  I would imagine I would have written something for them if it was going to.  So for all of you that are paying attention, Bryan and Myles managed to keep the flu from attacking anyone else in Covenant Cove, got it?  Good.