Hey Regulars! 

Well, we’re here.  The Eve of 1500.  Can you taste the mediocre milestone!?  Well, I can.  It tastes like victory.

But, I am not here to talk about Happy Hour.  I am here to talk about something more important.  I’m here to talk about Snakes on a Plane.  Sure, you might be saying to yourself “Is he really doing this?  That movie came out 6 years ago, and it sucked.”

First off… you’re very right, Snakes on a Plane is by no means a “good” movie.  But to say it “sucked”?  I think that’s a little harsh.  Let’s look at a few elements of Snakes on a Plane that you might not have known.

Samuel L. Jackson is the highest grossing actor of all time (not counting voice acting).  Go ahead, Google it.  Now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on.  It’s got the best title for a movie EVER.  Literally, if you can name a better movie title (excluding porn, those titles are just TOO clever), I’ll be impressed.  It is one of the first movies to actually bend to the will of the fans.  That’s right.  Snakes on a Plane was set to be a PG-13 mediocre horror flick.  But the fans said “nay”.  Through social media fans were able to get a line put into that movie that would take it from a PG-13 phone in to an R rated Blockbuster!

That one line has 2 F bombs in it.  You can have one F-bomb in a PG-13 film.  Since the studio wanted to meet fan expectations they said “you want an R-rated movie? Fine… bring on the boobies and cursing!”  And that’s what they did.  It’s incredible.

So let’s recap.  Highest Grossing Actor of all time.  Incredible title. A movie that listened to it’s fans.  What else could one little film have or want?! Oh… that’s right… the greatest theme song in the history of the world.  Here’s the video.  Watch it, listen to it, and tell me it’s not incredible.

So the next time someone is flapping there gums and talking about Meryl Streep in the Iron Lady or George Clooney and his sadness in the Descendants, you say “Shut up!  Snakes on a Plane is better!”-Jim-