Good Vs. Evil pt 1:

Who’s to say what is good and what is evil. No, not be me, but thanks for looking. Jesus, maybe, well if you swing that way. Ok, I am not actually concerned with good vs. evil, but PC vs. Mac.

I will look at this from the prospective of the PC vs. Mac commercials. They are pretty funny, but they in no way make me want a Mac. I thought I wanted a Mac at one point in my more recent life, but I quickly realized after using Jim’s that I am too old to adjust to the Mac. The learning curve is way too high for someone like me, since I am so proficient at using a Windows based machine. John Hodgman of “Daily Show” fame plays PC and honestly he is the much funnier character… simply based on that I would get a PC. Justin Long (“Die Hard 4” and “Jeepers Creepers”) plays Mac, which should be played by a 20 something hipster who can a. actually afford one and b. would actually know how to use one. I’m not saying that Justin Long can’t use a Mac or afford one; I’m just saying that I don’t picture him when I picture a Mac user.

I labeled this segment part 1, because I may have more on this topic or others that need comparing. THE BRINE FLU continues till the end of the week. Wasn’t it great when Bryan showed up with that stork corpse? I loved it. This kind of excitement doesn’t end here, so keep coming back.