Today’s strip is brought to us all the way from Canada and the talented Andre Landry.  Andre is the artist behind Brainslug which just finished it’s second arc.  Currently Andre is posting “shots” which are all self contained little morsels of comedy.  I highly recommend the true story of Mario.  I’m a huge fan of Andre’s work, and I hope you head over to his site.  Nothing made me happier than seeing that little chainsaw wielding bunny sitting in the Happy Hour bar.


This guest blog comes from Happy Hour regular, Dave (not dave).  He apparently loves cans as much as I do.

Bars, pubs, beer gardens, clubs, restaurants, 7-Eleven, Piggly Wiggly, Wal-Mart. Everyone has their preference on where they buy and consume their beer. When I was younger (below legal drinking age) it was camp fires with gas station beer. When I finally hit legal drinking age, I was months away from graduating college and frequented the local college bars during nights where pitchers were $4 and shots were $1. In my early 20’s, any bar would do. Now that I’m a married father, I find myself drinking in the back yard by the fire pit with a cigar and a few loungers.

On the rare occasion I can get out for a drink, I not only like to get the most bang for my buck, but I want a little something extra. I’ve literally tasted over 1,000 different beers (I tracked it for years, not so much anymore), so the selection is likely to not likely to blow my mind away. For that added bit of variety, with a selection of tasty beers you can find me over at Canz on Route 112 in Patchogue, NY. Canz is a tastefully decorated road house style beer bar/sports restaurant with over 200 varieties of beer available in cans (surprised?) or on tap.

To get themselves started, they wanted a big name tied to their establishment so they sought out a family friend, Tim Lorito, former Detroit Tigers ball slinger. Together, they built several of these road houses on Long Island. They opened their first location in 2009, and in 2011 they got fellow ball massager Carsten Charles Sebathia on board to open up their fourth location in midtown Manhattan. What makes Canz a delightful departure from the norm goes well beyond the variety of beer. They’ve got great food to pair with your beer, tons of TV’s airing all sporting events from PPV UFC to Boxing and the standard professional sports from all around the country, and the coup de grace, beautiful women serving up your favorite beers, burgers, and wings.

Don’t let these girls fool you, however, they’re not Hooters girls. Well, actually they are; most of them have left Hooters for a better pay day and a more suitable dress code. These girls don’t look like they skated out of the 70’s wearing those bright orange shorts and tacky tights. The Canz girls are sporting some decent beer knowledge, they’re a bit more sociable than the depressing staff at Hooters, but not nearly as aged or experienced as your typical beer garden staff. The point is, even a respectable girl can find herself enjoying a beer and burger at Canz because their primary offering isn’t a busty server in a scantily clad uniform.

At Canz, you get all kinds of beer (from Olde English to Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA to Joose and Budweiser and local seasonals), onion rings battered in Guinness, 50 flat screen TV’s playing every sporting event transmitted, and plenty of friendly bar tenders and servers to keep you coming back round after round. So when you’re looking for a change of scenery this summer, try out your local Canz. And if they’re not local, yet, keep your eyes and ears peeled because Canz might find its way into your neighborhood before you know it.

Dave (not dave)


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