Couple of things…

First.  Happy Friday.  We made it.  Break open a cold one.

Second.  For those of you that know me, you know that I am not a fan of Guy.  If you haven’t already checked out this amazing NY Times review of the latest tourist trap in Times Square.  Some say that the Times shouldn’t waste their time was places like this, but I think when places are associated with Food Network personalities they deserve to be called out when they suck since a lot of people associate that station with good eats.  Guy is unlikable right off the bat, but if Paula Deen or Flay opened up some low quality gimmicky craphole I’m sure that the Times would call them out on it as well.

Third.  For those of us in the NY/NJ area I’m sure you saw one of these signs in front of a gas station.  Seriously, it’s not like you had to get home before sundown or had to get out of there in moments notice, so there was no need to make crappy apocalyptic signs stating that there was no gas at your station.  Now I’m not asking for drawings of dinosaurs, or oil derricks or anything like that, but there was no need to write it like something from The Walking Dead.  Anyway that’s where this strip came from.

Fourth.  Book 2 is finally complete.  We are ordering ourselves a copy today which we will hopefully have next week and then by Black Friday or that weekend or Monday 11.26 you will be able to buy as a gift for yourself or someone that you hate or if you hate yourself.

Fifth and Final.  Still a Brewery there from Wednesday so check that out and on Sunday we got a Brew Shot.  I’ll tweet that when it’s up.  @brewerycomic