Happy Thanksgiving.

Since we don’t have strips five days a week I am wishing you a happy holiday today.  You can enjoy your holiday by giving thanks for Happy Hour.  You can do that by telling all your friends and family to visit our website.  Also for your holiday pleasure there is also a new Brewery up… right now.  It has nothing to do with holidays which we are sure you are sick of already, but it has lots to do with Hockey, which you can’t possibly be sick of since it’s currently not being played and receives little to no media coverage here in the states.  It also receives little to no media coverage when it is being played, so I guess it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, why not get your holiday shopping started a little early and pick up a copy of “Baby Jimmy’s Best Day Ever“.  Small children are impossible to shop for, so get them something that forces their parents to interact with them!  Just click that link or the Lulu button on the right.

More plugs are on their way.  Way to commerce!