Summer of Cans 09:

So far we got:

Red Strip (16oz)

Bud Light

Coors Light

Miller Lite

Bud Lime



Pork Slap Pale Ale (Butternuts Beer and Ale, Garrattsville, NY)


Michelob Original

Asahi (33.8 oz can)

Newcastle (Nukies)


Brew Free! Or Die IPA (21st Amendment Brewery)

Hell or High Watermelon (21st Amendment Brewery)

Corona Light

Keystone Light

Zywiec (it’s from Poland)

Amstel Light


Beast Light

Mickey’s (24oz)


Bud Light + Clamato

Viva Las Vegas…

When I go to Las Vegas I love to try new things. Whether it’s a new bar, a new restaurant, or a new casino, I am there usually smiling. For this particular new experience there was not much smiling. Jim and I purchased two Budweiser Chelada’s (Chelada is simply a term referring to a prepared beer or drink, or in Mexico a cervezas preparada), which is Budlight mixed with Clamato, salt, and lime… if you don’t know what Clamato is then read Friday’s strip. Anyway the stuff basically tasted like salty watered down tomato soup with a very small hint of bud light, which doesn’t have much flavor to begin with, so yeah, there ya go. I would talk about the head of the beer, but you could have poured it from the 52nd floor of the Palms into a pint glass and the resulting head would only last about 2.5 seconds.

In conclusion, it was terrible. Cold, salty, watered down tomato soup maybe be good for communist Russia, but it doesn’t work for me. Come back next weekend for an updated list of cans and a possible review of some other crap that drank. Have fun and if it’s in a can… drink it.