Today’s Guest Strip comes from the incomparable Andre Guy-Landry.  Andre is the phenomenal mind behind Brainslug.  Every Monday you can check into Andre’s mind on the web.  Currently Andre is telling the origin story of his most famous creation Dante.  Let’s put it this way… if Jack the Ripper, Dexter and Leatherface were all trapped inside the head of a cute little bunny… you would have Dante.  You don’t HAVE to check out Andre’s work… you NEED to.  Also be sure to follow him on twitter @BrainslugComic.

Today’s “guest” blog (he’s not really a guest) is an introduction from Jim:


Is it that time AGAIN!?  Why yes, yes it is.  The Earth has circled the sun and we are BACK at Memorial Day.  Memorial Day represents something very special in our culture.  But it also holds a deeper meaning to those who choose to celebrate it.  While we remember those who sacrificed for our freedom, we also remember how much we love barbeques, beer, the outdoors and comics!

Well, maybe everyone doesn’t remember comics on this day, but I sure as hell do.  Memorial Day has hosted Happy Hour’s Guest week for 3 years in a row, this being the 4th.

After we finished our 1000th strip Phil and I discussed how we could make every year of Happy Hour EVEN better.  It was determined that an annual Guest week showcasing friends and other artists would be the best way to memorialize Happy Hour’s impact in our lives.

So, sit back, lubricate those eyeballs and get ready for some amazing talent for the next two weeks.  I’ll introduce each artist as they appear, and I ask that you continue to check out their work as often as you can.  They make the interwebs a better place, and I am proud to call all of them friends and true Americans… except Andre, he’s a Canadian.

-Jim Kohl