Today’s Guest Strip hails from the art board of Alexander Clare.  The first time I saw Alexander’s art was in Philly Beer Scene magazine.  Alex is the designer for Fegley’s Brew Works beer labels and lead graphic designer. He won the Lehigh Valley Art Wars competition in 2011 and his beer labels were twice nominated for “best label art” in Philly Beer Scene’s Best of Philly Beer Scene awards.  You can check out more Alex’s work at


Today’s guest blog is from Matt Romaine.  Last year I mentioned that he was the modern day renaissance man.  He proved it again this year as you will find out below:

So Suzi Barrett and I are no longer going out. (If you are confused hopefully Phil linked my last guest blog for reference). If you noticed on the most recent Buffalo Wild Wings commercial she is dating some guy who is really self absorbed. To the point where he doesn’t even know the name of the dude he is watching the games with. It’s fine. It wouldn’t have worked out.

Anyway since then I have had a kid. Her name is Kayla and she is awesome. And while that is partially the point let me go into the meandering of this guest blog.

First Jim Kohl is getting married.  I remember after I got married Jim asked if marriage changes anything. For me it didn’t. And if you live with the person prior to marriage I feel it shouldn’t.  The two people are inseparable friends and words by a judge or priest followed by a party doesn’t change that.  I wish Jim and Chrissy all the best in their next phase.

How is that related?

Having a kid changes things!  How in the hell could it not?  By the very nature there is now another person (or more) who relies on you.  It is shocking to find out how paralyzing a newborn can be.  I have never been so tired, or scared, or happy. It also puts an odd perspective on things. Porn is God’s way of saying this is what happens if you fuck up.  Two hours of crying can be negated by ten seconds of smiling.  And time is short, nap time doubly so.

I am not sure how our parents did it…….