Yet another true story…

 Our good friend Myles actually said this to some euro-trash guy. The only difference is that Myles was at a poker table, though I’m sure if he was at a bar he would have said the same thing.

 I am working 11 hour days this week, so that I don’t have to work on Friday. As I’ve mentioned on this site before, I am not much of a sleeper, so this week is going to be tougher on me than a normal week.


Since I like to review movies from time to time here, even though I rarely go, I would like to mention that I saw “The Collector” this weekend and enjoyed it. The direction was really good, but the ending was typical. Visually it kept me entertained and it was only 90mins. Woo!


A whole week of Myles… what were we thinking?!?!?!