Myles and his IPod…


Myles’ IPod gets him into all sorts of trouble. I’ve never know someone to miss so many transfer (mostly train, but I’m sure there are others) than Myles. Whenever he takes the train to see me, I can always assume that 9 times out of 10 he will wake up in New York instead of Secaucus. Usually we devise a plan which ends up with both of us going to Hoboken, a fine destination in of itself. I used to be the lone Myles wrangler, but more recently Jim as joined up and can confirm Myles’ adeptness at missing stops and appointments. He doesn’t seem to mind though, not much makes Myles mind.


My week ends tonight. I got no work Friday, but don’t worry, Happy Hour never stops working for you. A nice brand new color strip tomorrow and a Summer of Cans update with a nice write up on Saturday. Soak it up along with the suds and then you can get tore up and pass out in the hot sun.