Guest for Last – Alex

Last, but most definitely not least is a guest strip from the insanely talented and intelligent Alex Clare. Alex is an artist I am not only in awe of, but someone I am lucky enough to call friend. Please send Alex a beer wrapped with a hundred dollar bill and let him know how grateful you are to see his work here or at

Well… that does it team. We had another ragingly successful Guest Week(s). My inner most gratitude goes to Alex, Andre, Chris, Dan, David and Paul. All of you guys are incredible. I hope life finds a way to make you all rich with intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. I hope you Regulars take a moment to visit their sites/twitters/Facebooks and thank them and share their work with your families and friends.

Let us now move onto the future of HAPPY HOUR! Phil and I have renewed the lease on this site for another year. So we are not going anywhere at this time. However, we are both getting older and dealing with more life, work, Phil has a kid coming, etc. Happy Hour is very near and dear to our hearts, but we discussed potentially combining the comics.

We ideally may create one website for The Brewery and Happy Hour and save you the trouble of looking back and forth like an avid tennis fan. The Brewery would continue to cover beer news, stories and interviews. Happy Hour would continue to be solely comedy based, potentially leaning more towards brewery humor (now that there are two).

There have been few successful spin-offs, The Facts of Life, Frasier, The Jeffersons. There have been a lot more less successful spin-offs, Joey, The Ropers, Three’s a Crowd, Just the Ten of Us, The Lone Gunmen, The Tortellis. The Brewery has always been a successful spin-off of Happy Hour. It has been where Phil and I really focus our attention. We love tasting beer, talking about beer and mostly drinking beer. We think this is the plan for the future, but nothing is in stone.

We’re both very proud of our longevity in the webcomic field and always love hearing from our fans. Wherever the next year takes us, I want to thank you all for being there with us. Have a great summer. Happy Hour will hit 2000 in August, I’ll have had a few more beers and had a little more sun on my skin, but I’ll check back with you all then.

And keep your eyes peeled for BOOK 3. I’m hoping for a July release. Cheers!

-Jim Kohl