Today’s strip is drawn by the best of the best, Alex Clare. Alex has been a HUGE part of Happy Hour/The Brewery since the minute we met. 4 years later he is still making the best guest strips you can shake a stick at. I cannot thank Alex enough for taking the time to make this strip and treat all of you fans to his talents.

Oh right… a guest blog…

Well, it appears as if ever late turn deserves a late other. My guest writers are as late as I have been in putting up the strip weekly. So again, you are stuck with me, Jim.

The only real thing I have to say is that this has been the hardest year of my life. I say that largely because it has been so hard to bring Happy Hour as often as I want to. Let me clear the record… I BLEED HAPPY HOUR.

I would draw Happy Hour daily if I could. In fact, going to 3 days a week a few years ago killed me. Missing my posting schedule this year killed me even more. I actually wanted to skip the Guest Week this year because I didn’t think I deserved the talents of great artists when I myself was missing deadlines. But, Chris, Alex and (as you’ll see on Friday) Paul all put their heart into a little extra Happy Hour. I am so glad they did.

As I get older and life evolves, I know one thing for sure, “nothing stays the same”. But that’s a good thing. I am so much happier now then I ever was before, and even though Happy Hour nears it’s end, I know I’ll be more enriched because of it. My only hope is that I am not the only one.

I will always make art in one way or another, for those beer drinkers out there, I just passed my 20th label, and I hit my 30th image for Ale Street News. I know The Brewery will continue on, but Happy Hour is nearing that time where everyone knows the lights are about to be turned on. Last Call has been announced and some people are hanging onto the night. I’m one of those people.

As Happy Hour rounds out it’s 13th year, I round out my time with Happy Hour. There’s still more to come. Don’t delete this internet stop just yet. I still have a few storylines up my sleeve and I hope you’re here to enjoy them.

I love you fans always.