There are no words to describe the incredible Paul Salvi. But I will do my best to try. Paul is debaucherously hilarious and talented beyond comprehension. Paul has the distinction of participating in Happy Hour Guest week an amazing 6 times in a row and I could not be more honored or proud to post his work. When I die I want Paul to take over the mantle of Happy Hour like Bucky stepped in for Captain America. Only Paul would be a better Happy Hour artist than I could ever be. If this is the last Guest Strip ever… then I am happy we’re going out on such an amazing note…

With that said I must once again apologize as my empty inbox means one thing… I have received no “Guest Blogs” this year. I blame myself mostly as I focus my attention on harassing the artists so much that I never really follow up with the writers.

So… this year I’m going to treat you readers to a SUPER special Guest Writer week. I will beg, borrow and steal and have guest writers fill in at the beginning of July. BUT… I won’t just ask them to write a blog, I’ll take it a step further and have them write the accompanying comic strip. I think this can be a lot of fun.

Anyway, that’s all we have for you this week. I’ll see you back here on Monday. Thanks for reading.